Woah, We’ve Launched a PAC!

November 23, 2020 10:56 AM | Anonymous

The old adage goes “When you need a friend in government, it’s too late to find one.” As a small business owner in the cannabis industry, how can you gain access to those who make decisions about your businesses? To protect your interests, you have to build relationships with the decision makers. Opening those doors often requires supporting candidates financially. This is why Craft Cannabis Coalition launched a Political Action Committee (PAC). We launched just a little over a month ago, and have already raised more than $50,000 to invest in candidates who support and understand the cannabis industry.

What’s a PAC?
A PAC is a group formed (by an industry or an issue-oriented organization) to raise and contribute money to the campaigns of candidates likely to advance the group's interests. Advocating for our members is an integral part of Craft Cannabis Coalition’s mission and we frequently spend time meeting and educating legislators on the issues important to CCC members. Being able to contribute to a legislator’s campaign provides a higher level of access and awareness for issues affecting the cannabis industry. By establishing a PAC, we can receive contributions from our members that can be used to directly contribute to a candidate’s campaigns.

Why should I give to a PAC?
Craft Cannabis Coalition’s PAC brings your concerns directly to our legislators. Of course, you meet on your own with your legislator anytime, but contributing to a PAC allows us to pool our resources as a craft cannabis community, which gives your voice more weight. PACs demonstrate credibility and help us build our influence amongst the decision makers in our state. Laying out the Washington craft cannabis industry’s top concerns by explaining how a certain regulation could (or does) impact our businesses helps legislators better understand potential laws being introduced – and ideally leads to decisions that do not adversely impact you.

To learn more or donate, contact Joanna Monroe.

Craft Cannabis Coalition is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.


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