The Craft Cannabis Coalition continuously monitors the rulemaking process as it pertains to cannabis businesses. As an organization, we create opportunities to listen to the concerns of our members and act on their behalf.

CCC attends cannabis-related LCB Listen and Learn sessions and public hearings. Our role is to represent our members by building relationships with the LCB, commenting during the regulatory process, and actively lobbying as appropriate.

Rulemaking is an ongoing and fluctuating process; the LCB values industry input and provides stakeholders multiple opportunities to understand and comment on proposed rules.

We recognize the power of our members’ voices and encourage them to engage in the regulatory process and we will provide support as needed.

Chris Marr, a former LCB board member, a state Senator, and a member of CCC’s team, actively participates in cannabis regulatory meetings. He provides regular comprehensive updates on LCB activity, regulatory changes, and possible impacts to the industry. These helpful reviews are available to our members.

For the remaining 2020 Rulemaking, CCC is closely monitoring and engaging in the following proposed rules:

Marijuana Vapor Products

      • CR101 filed as WSR 20-15-041
      • Implements changes to WAC 314-55-010 (Definitions) & WAC 314-55 generally by creating a new section, 314-55-55O
WSR 20-15-041 seeks to implement House Bill 2826 and
      • Clarify LCB’s authority to prohibit any type device, additive, solvent, ingredient or compound in the production and processing of marijuana products;
      • Require processors to disclose, under oath, a complete list of all constituent substances and their sources in each marijuana vapor product; and
      • Possibly prohibit all vapor additives that are not botanically-derived and found in cannabis.

We support regulations to mitigate public health risks in vapor products while advocating for the protection of proprietary information, clear and concise permissions, prohibitions based on peer-reviewed scientific data regarding additives, and efficient and approachable disclosure processes.

Quality Control Testing and Products Requirements
      • Supplemental CR102 filed as WSR 20-20-040
      • Implements changes to WAC 314-55-101

WSR 20-20-040 seeks to add requirements that producer/processors test their products for pesticides and heavy metals. The phased-in approach begins with one sample required for every five pounds of flower and ends with two samples required for every ten pounds of flower. The LCB received extensive stakeholder input regarding lot size, and released this Supplemental CR102, however, in increasing the required number of samples with the lot size, they have effectively failed to reduce the financial burden on producer/processors.  

CCC advocates for quality control testing to ensure product safety while recognizing that increased testing requirements would create a significant financial burden for producers and processors. We advocate for larger lot sizes with one sample per lot with the confidence that it adequately reflects the safety of the product.

Tier One Expansion
      • CR101 filed as WSR 20-01-171
      • Implements changes to WAC 314-55-075

WSR 20-01-171 seeks to incrementally expand the plant canopy square footage allowed for licensed Tier 1 producers.

We support the incremental increases to the plant canopy square footage allowed for licensed Tier 1 producers and advocate for the expansion without requiring an additional license or having to go through a costly process. We recognize that small businesses can thrive by growing without undue financial or procedural burden.

Other items we have and will continue to engage on with the LCB:

  • Certificate of Compliance (retail locations)
  • CEP (Compliance and Education Program - already permanent)
  • Always been in support of the program
  • Guidance/Interpretive Statements on signage regulations

Want to keep track of the status of these issues? Check out our regulatory updates

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