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The Washington Craft Cannabis Coalition (CCC) is an advocacy group of Washington-based small and family-owned cannabis retailers that were the first participants in Washington state’s groundbreaking cannabis industry after the passage of I-502 and have represented home grown retailers as the industry evolved.

Since its foundation, the CCC has advocated for the sustainability and legitimacy of the cannabis industry. Its members have continued to represent the high standard for cannabis state license holders that the community expects and have represented the benefits to our communities the cannabis industry can provide.

The CCC works to ensure the continued integrity of Washington’s regulatory structure for retail sales and production of cannabis.

Our coalition is centered on being a champion for small business and maintaining a fair playing field, eliminating underage access to cannabis, and supporting and leading in social equity and fair access to capital beyond cannabis with a particular focus on investments to communities ravaged from the war on drugs.

Washington’s licensing and regulatory structure for the cannabis industry was the second in the nation to be built after voters approved legalization. This was a long process with constant revision and significant requirements for state license holders to abide by. Today’s structure ensures integrity of the market, public safety, fairness to retailers and producers, and youth access prevention.

Craft Cannabis Coalition is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

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