The Washington Craft Cannabis Coalition’s mission is to protect and promote an equitable craft cannabis industry in Washington state through advocacy, education and relationships.

As the first adult-use market in the country, Washington’s unique regulatory framework intentionally created an environment in which smaller, family-owned cannabis businesses can thrive, providing consumers access to the best products in the world. Washington cannabis is craft; we celebrate and support what we have created, while ensuring we are well positioned for future success.

Although cannabis use in some form is legal in over 30 states, its illegal status under federal law casts a large shadow over our operations. Cannabis businesses face extraordinary costs with reduced access to capital, and high regulatory risks. We pay the highest excise tax in the country, yet are unable to write-off basic business expenses under Federal Tax Code 280e. And while we have managed to achieve some level of stability in spite of these obstacles, we recognize that our industry is still incredibly fragile.

Our goal is to do everything possible to protect and promote the interests of our members, the producers, processors and retailers in Washington State.

Craft Cannabis Coalition is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.


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