Who is CCC?

The Craft Cannabis Coalition is committed to ensuring the continued vitality and success of a diverse and unique cannabis marketplace. We are industry stakeholders working together to promote and protect the unique craft nature of Washington State legal cannabis.

CCC is licensed producers, processors, and retailers in communities across Washington State; proud participants in this new and important segment of our economy. Production, processing, and sale of cannabis employs local citizens in varied and rewarding jobs, creates opportunities for ancillary businesses, and generates impressive tax revenue to fund vital state and local programs.  

The Washington State cannabis industry is unique among states and countries that have legalized marijuana as the structure of our laws were created with craft cannabis in mind. CCC members believe in safeguarding against legislative and regulatory changes which may threaten the viability and craft nature of our industry in the interest of consolidation into larger and more powerful entities.  

We are committed to building support for Washington State’s inclusive cannabis industry, promoting stability and diversity in our “brick and mortar”, small business-driven environment as we continue down the path of national legalization. We maintain it is in the interest of consumers, licensees, and the economy that retailers, producers and processors operate in synergy to bring compelling and safe products to market.  

CCC Members are informed of changes in the regulatory environment, our voices are heard in local and state government, and we work together to ensure that licensee stakeholder interests are reflected in fair rulemaking that will bolster the industry as a whole.



The Craft Cannabis Coalition is a business league organized under Internal Revenue code 501(c)6*